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GALLERY: 41 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 66

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda, clad in burgundy patent thigh-highs and matching corset, models her favorite leather catsuit.  Two slaves are mesmerized by her leather dominance.


GALLERY: 29 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 56

Here's What's FUN:  Dressed all in leather, Mistress Amanda cleverly uses a slave's tongue piercing to control his subservience to her.  Domination, boot and foot worship in a classic fem-domme tableau.


GALLERY: 28 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 103

Here's What's FUN:  Red and black leather are the order of the day as Mistress corsets and ballet-boots her helpless slave.  Mistress wears her burgundy leather skirt with burgundy patent high-heels.  Leatherslave is commanded to dance in knee-high ballet boots and a wide metal spreader-bar while Mistress Amanda gives him encouragement with a whip from behind.


GALLERY: 27 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 114

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Wildefyre dresses up as her favorite superhero, the RED FLAME!  This arch villainess puts her poor victim in an inflatable bodybag and isolation hood, leaving him suspended as bait for her next unsuspecting visitor for her to prey on!


GALLERY: 26 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 222

Here's What's FUN:  Ever wondered what would happen to the handyman who doesn't get Mistress's work order done in time?  This heavy corporal series shows just who's boss when I catch Newboy wearing my panties on the job!  A discipline session is always so much more satisfying when I throw the culprit over my knee for a hand spanking, then a hairbrush spanking.  Leather paddles and other nastiness follows.  His ass gets a workout too, from my probing fingers, my boot-heel and finally a strap-on session he won't soon forget.  I'm wearing lace-top stockings and leather stiletto boots, finally changing into a tight corset when things get really serious.  You guessed it -- the CANE!  (photos: Elena North; Video to come!)


GALLERY: 25 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 44

Here's What's FUN:  Newboy volunteers to try out the new metal bondage chair someone's made me as a gift.  The seat gets a few initial modifications -- some padding for the legs (nice!); pricker pads and a butt plug on the seat (not so nice!)  Once he's gagged and posture-collared, the real fun begins with some predicament bondage -- toes tied to balls.  It seems the chairmaker neglected to include footrests in his design, so if Newboy's balls hold out, his feet should be well supported.  A vibrating pricker roller on his penis causes him to thrash around a bit, but the chair holds fast.  All in all, I'm happy with my present.  (photos: Elena North; Video to come!)


GALLERY: 24 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 145

Here's What's FUN:  Chargerpony is proud of all the handiwork he does for Mistress Amanda, but then he leaves a big mess behind for her to clean up!  She reduces him to a latex maid, scrubbing her toilets.  He is locked onto a medical hoist, a "Hoyer Lift," then converted into an automated toilet cleaner with a pulsating anal plug.  Locked into this awkward predicament, he must first give Mistress an enthusiastic blow-job, then scrub her toilets on command.


GALLERY: 23 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 147

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda and Jean Bardot put Dolly in six layers of latex, including inflatables and a unique rubberdoll hood with metal face-corset from Rubbers Finest.  His feminization is complete when they inflate his giant torpedo-tit breasts and strap him into a latex pussy crotch-piece and tight "booby" corset, also custom from Rubbers Finest.  Jean and Amanda cannot resist testing the giant nipples to see if they are as sensitive as a woman's! 


GALLERY: 22 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 277

Here's What's FUN:  Rubberdolly is at the mercy of four Rubber Mistresses:  Mistress Amanda, Mistress Jean Bardot, Mistress Kellie of Rubberpal and Mistress Pamela!  Dolly is dressed in heavy rubberdoll bondage hoods from Rubbers Finest and HW Design, then rides the Sybian in the new electric chair.  Mistress Pamela sews him into his doll hood, so it's nice, tight, inescapable fit!  Mistresses Jean and Amanda take him for a float in the water tank for a few hours, then he's back in the studio for heavy dollification bondage and vibrator teasing with Mistress Kellie and Mistress Pamela.  This is only his first day at Castle Diabolica, look for him in Rubber Mistress Posse Part 2!


GALLERY: 21 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 236

Here's What's FUN:  Little does he know what's in store for him tonight as a gang of Leather Maidens descend on his helplessly bagged up body!  Mistresses Amanda Wildefyre, Jean Bardot and Pamela have a hot and leathered good time, using him as a stage for their kinky girl-on-girl bondage games.  Jean Bardot uses his face as a leather hooded seatcushion, and he can only listen and feel the magic as Pamela has a huge orgasm while tied in a tall leather posture collar and single-glove.  Time for dinner, so the studio morphes into Cafe Diabolica, complete with human leather-bodybag chandelier.  Then it's out on the town to a local watering hole in a full bondage suit, and a little walk around the neighborhood.  Just an average evening in this small Midwestern town.


GALLERY: 20 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 114

Here's What's FUN:  Bootslave arrives at Castle Diabolica with the word "WELCOME" suntan-tattoed on his chest, and Mistress uses him as a Welcome Mat for her 5" stiletto thigh-boots.  She trains him to lick her heels and uses her whips to spur him on.  Mistress looks beautiful and cruel in several high-end fetish outfits and thigh-high stiletto boots.


GALLERY: 19 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 174

Here's What's FUN:  Night of the Evil Nurse.  Things start out innocently enough as hudson is strapped down to the floor in tight, immobilizing bondage.  Then Mistress gets an idea...first, she takes his full urinary drainage bag, and hooks it up to an enema nozzle.  Then, she initiates a rousing game of "Drink or Drown."  Not only is hudson required to drink whatever she leaves him in the plastic bag under the toilet chair, but he is also required to breathe in the scent of the Mistress as his air supply runs out. 


GALLERY: 18 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 169

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda tries out a new suspension rack on a gagged, corseted and ballet-booted slave!  She torments him with electricity and the Sybian Fucking Machine to make sure the rack is as inescapable as it seems.


GALLERY: 17 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 85

Here's What's FUN:  TV diane is dressed in lingerie and breast-forms and listens via earphones to Mistress Amanda's hypnotic voice, all while tightly bound in the transparent latex Vacbed.  Mistress uses electrodes on her slave's genitals to ensure a completely feminine transformation through electric shock therapy!


GALLERY: 16 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 48

Here's What's FUN:  Dressed in latex, Mistress Amanda suspends slave barbie in a latex hood and puts him in the "Hole," a partition in the ceiling designed for keeping slaves under control in the most extreme circumstances.  She uses heavy rubber hoods, the Hoyer Patient Lift, and the Sybian to keep this very unruly captive under control.


GALLERY: 15 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 157

Here's What's FUN:  TV slave diane is in quite a predicament!  Mistress is angry that diane has been neglecting her duties as pedicure slave, and puts diane in a tight spot, commanded to pleasure a male slave in a bodybag while receiving electroshock torment with the Humbler attached to her balls!  Mistress suspends diane and dildos her while the other slave teases diane's naughty clit with his straitjacket padlocked to diane's C/B harness.  Mistress looks great in her fetish gear...pedicure? what pedicure...


GALLERY: 14 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 113

Here's What's FUN:  Slave is put in spring suspension to test the limits of his endurance for Mistress's pleasure.  Bondage predicaments galore as he is commanded to take CBT, nipple play and the infamous nose hook!  Fun for fans of electro-torment and boot worship.


GALLERY: 13 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 41

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress models some of her fetish corset and boot ensembles.  Six feet tall and then some in those sky-scraper boots!


GALLERY: 12 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 26

Here's What's FUN:  A very pretty series with Mistress Amanda in her beautiful burgundy patent leather corset and matching pumps.  Looks like someone's in for a caning!


GALLERY: 2 / DATE: 13 Dec, 08 / IMAGES: 151

Here's What's FUN:  This photoset is chock-full of bizarre rubber bondage scenarios.  Rubberslave is immoblized in a latex suction bed from Max Cita, then commanded to endure a rebreather bag attached to his hood.  He's then feminized with a set of inflatable tits from House of Harlot, then breathes in the scent of the Mistress through a corrugated hose attached to his inflatable hood.  Finally, Mistress Amanda gives him an enema, hooks up some electric CBT, then has him hold the enema and suffer the shock treatment while he services her with a face dildo.  Mistress is wearing her custom torpedo-tit nurse ensemble from DeMask.

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