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GALLERY: 50 / DATE: 1 Mar, 09 / IMAGES: 103

Here's What's FUN:  TV slave diane and I annex a local amateur theater to Castle Diabolica for the afternoon for a performance of "Modern Engineering."  Designed with an eye to the contraptions created by Rube Goldberg, this predicament bondage position requires the sufferer to wear high stiletto heels with ankles held wide open by a spreader bar.  Her arms are secured in a single-glove behind her back; her hair bound and connected via rope and pulley to the bar holding a dildo in her ass.  Teased by a vibrator, the hapless slave diane must then fuck herself by bobbing her head on a dildo attached to the mouth-bar in front of her, which then in turn pulls on her nipple clamps and rubs her oversized clit against the vibrator between her legs.  This is one of my favorite positions, in part because so few people can handle it.  As usual, TV diane makes it look easy.  (photos: Elena North; Video to come!)


GALLERY: 49 / DATE: 1 Mar, 09 / IMAGES: 28

Here's What's FUN:  This photoset accompanies the video "Rubber Nurse," shot by Gwenmedia, when it was operated by Bob Zak.  Bob, or "barbie" as he was called around my place, had a knack for getting himself into trouble and for failing to live up to expectations. 


GALLERY: 48 / DATE: 1 Mar, 09 / IMAGES: 30

Here's What's FUN:  What is it about the color red that makes a girl dress up in rubber and lick the Mistress's red stiletto boots?  Sissy Chrissy suffers the electroshock cockcrusher, and is rewarded by having my 7" boot heel thrust in her mouth.  I model my DeMask black latex dress, red and black latex corset, and some fabulous lace-top red stockings, all while Chrissy serves me in her red rubber catsuit with attached open-faced hood.  Chrissy is one of the first to introduce me to the idea of a monochromatic color fetish, and since then I've developed a deep appreciation for it.  (photos: Diane)


GALLERY: 47 / DATE: 1 Mar, 09 / IMAGES: 134

Here's What's FUN:  Sometimes my clinic is populated by patients who need to be kept under thorough control, even during a routine exam.  Vinyl slut diane is wearing red today, a sure sign that she is running a "pussy fever."  Even with her legs tied together, she still manages to arch her back and stick her butt up in the air like a cat in heat!  I use a red rubber ball gag to keep her from blurting out her demands for a deeply penetrating examination of her symptoms.  Once her legs are strapped down and spread on the orthopedic surgery table, I use the Venus to determine just how hot she really is.  TV and Nurse attire by Versatile Fashions.  (photos: Gerry)


GALLERY: 40 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 98

Here's What's Fun:  Wearing a tightly restrictive orthotic brace, Braceboy suffers on the Rigidcuffs Metal Chair, which spreads his legs and leaves him defenseless against the onslaught of the Sybian fucking machine.  How convenient that his chastity belt has an open ring at the anal entrance, holding his cheeks apart for me to insert the dildo from below!  It's all metal all the time for Braceboy, as I lock the 5" stainless steel high heels to his dangling feet.  A unique combination of braces and metal bondage gadgetry!  (photos: Elena North.  Video to come!)


GALLERY: 39 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 84

Here's What's FUN:  This is easily one of the most colorful and bizarre photosets I've created to date.  Braceboy, wearing layers of latex doll-wear, rubber stiletto boots, a tight rubber corset and orthopedic bodybrace, thinks she's sneaking a peak at my new Game Room.  Wearing head-to-toe rubber, I catch the naughty rubberdoll  in the act, and make good on my threat of strap-on dominance.  As further punishment, Braceboy wears a halo brace and inflatable hood to tongue my shiny red dildo.  (photos: Elena North.  Video to come!)


GALLERY: 38 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 43

Here's What's Fun:  Braceboy is an avid collector of all things restrictive, and has collected orthotic braces for many years.  He arrives at Nurse Amanda's Asylum Diabolica wearing a custom chastity belt with a very telling inscription!  Once he has been properly immobilized on the birthing chair, he undergoes shock treatment, shaving and catheterization.  Taking no chances with this steely-eyed renegade,  the PVC-clad nurse utilizes a number of locking Rigidcuffs pieces from her extensive collection, along with steel handballs from Permanent Bondage and a locking spreader bar of her own design from Dungeon Delights.  (photos: Elena North)


GALLERY: 37 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 108

Here's What's Fun:  Slave H and I investigate the new Game Room and I stick him in the latex suction cube for safe-keeping.  Little does he realize how vulnerable his ass will be once the whole cube is sucked down onto his body from all directions, sealing off any means of escape.  After a heavy paddling and vibrator teasing, he's ready to wear the inflatable Studio Gum rubber ball hood with attached corrugated breathing hose and dildo.  His only means of getting air are the tiny holes at the base of the dildo -- laced with the scent of the Mistress, of course!  (Photos: Rubber Ross of LatexRepair.com.  Video to come!)


GALLERY: 36 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's What's Fun:  White latex catsuits, locking red ballet boots and an inflatable kiddie pool make for some thoroughly euro-pervy clinical trials here at Asylum Diabolica, especially when mixed with a clear lucite butt pump and a metal strap-on enema nozzle!  I really like the way the RigidCuff stocks and ankle spreader bar keep his extremities under control, effectively preventing him from getting in the way of a penetratingly good time.  Once slave H is bound, filled with water, plugged and left to squirm, he knows it's all up to me how long he has to hold it, because the pool is there to catch whatever he can't hold.


GALLERY: 35 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 39

Here's What's Fun:  It's just a casual weekend visit from slave H -- that is, casual until I put him in the suction bed and inflatable rubber hood with some cock shockers attached.  Things go from bad to worse as I try out my new milking machine on him, complete with Creature suit nipple suction cups courtesy of JG Leathers, and a homemade cock tube.  That latex bodybag keeps him right where I want him.  And since I'm using a genuine cow milker, the suction is so strong it is almost unbearable -- so why does he keep asking me to turn it up!?  (For video footage of the cow milker in action, download Rubber Doll Factory 2, soon to be available here on CastleDiabolica.com.)


GALLERY: 34 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 50

Here's What's Fun:  If you thought the first set in this series was fun, things get rougher for Newboy in this second round on Prototype 1 of the Wildefyre bondage cart.  Having satisfied myself with using and abusing his backside, I flip him over onto his back to expose his mouth, tits & cock.  Just as I had hoped, the cart's design allows me to immobilize him in either position when he is strapped and padlocked into place.  Once I tie down his head with the Mr. S strappy head cage, Rainbow Rope metal spider gag, and the ubiquitous nose hook I made myself, his mouth is open and ready to serve as my own personal spittoon.  The bondage cart also features a metal crotch bar, which makes for some pretty interesting cock bondage and torment.  Stay tuned for more information on the next prototype of the Wildefyre bondage cart. (photos: Elena North; Video to come!)


GALLERY: 33 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 70

Here's What's Fun:  Newboy and I put the first prototype of the Wildefyre metal bondage cart to the test, with some nice padlocking and immobilizing leather and metal bondage, corporal discipline, caning on the soles of his feet and Mistress strap-on play.  The best part is that he is completely exposed and helpless, yet I can still get to all of his hot spots!  As you can see from the redness of his ass, I'm pretty serious about testing the inescapability of my new design.  (photos: Elena North; Video to come!)


GALLERY: 32 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 59

Here's What's Fun:  This photo series is so chock-full of leather fetishwear and bondage gear, you can almost smell the leather in the air!  Fans of Northbound Leather will enjoy my black leather catsuit, leather leotard and strappy black leather bikini, paired with several of my favorite black leather stiletto thigh boots.  There's nothing quite like the smooth, pale skin of the Mistress framed by a tight leather corset, stockings, leather gloves and black leather bustier, is there?  Nothing compliments a Leather Domme more than accessorizing with a tightly strait-jacketed and hooded slaveboy!  Bound in leather, chargerpony adorns my orthopedic table and rotating traction bed so well.  (photos: Elena North)


GALLERY: 31 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 310

Here's What's Fun:  Last seen on the set of Rubber Ponies 2, Tray Guy stops by just in time to try out a few of my new acquisitions.  First, he bravely romps around my backyard on a dual set of spring stilts, looking for all the world like a mechanical ponyboy.  Once inside Castle Diabolica, I bind him in a leather straitjacket and a leather Steampunk gasmask by the Ukrainian studio "Bob Basset."  Try as he might, Tray Guy cannot escape his double layer leather bondage encasement, and drops to the floor to worship my 6" lace-up leather stiletto thigh boots.  He later finds himself bound on my turn-of-the-century exam table with locking Humane Restraints and mercilessly teased by a pulsating, inflating cocktoy I made up on the spot and hooked up to the Venus.  Shot in the new Game Room on the second floor of the ever-expanding Castle Diabolica (photos by Elena North.  Video to come!)


GALLERY: 30 / DATE: 1 Feb, 09 / IMAGES: 89

Here's What's Fun:  This series will appeal to fans of thigh-high stiletto boots, corsets and opera-length gloves!  I'm wearing my Bizarre Design black patent corset with black patent thigh boots from Little Shoe Box, along with ultra-sleek custom opera-length PVC gloves from La Crasia.  You'll get to see me in some nice, shiny pantyhose, too.  Later on, I put on my favorite burgundy patent thigh-high stiletto boots from Leatherworks, with a matching Paul C corset and custom shoulder-length leather gloves.  My slave and bootrest chargerpony is outfitted in several leather bondage ensembles to ensure his compliance.  (photos: Elena North)


GALLERY: 46 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 68

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda wears a tight leather nurse corset from Paul C to dominate the hapless slave diane.  She is attended by a leatherslave in a full-body leather hobble corset and hood.


GALLERY: 45 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 71

Here's What's FUN: Nurse Amanda dominates a pretty sissy in vintage-style lingerie and a traditional white cotton nurse's uniform.  Old-school glamour in white stiletto high-heels.


GALLERY: 44 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 56

Here's What's FUN:  An early photoshoot depicting Mistress Amanda in four of her many incarnations:  Fetish Diva, Leather Domme, Vinyl Nurse and Victorian Discipllnarian.


GALLERY: 43 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 39

Here's What's FUN: Two rubber slaves and and a backdrop of exotic latex serve as the palate for my homage to the fetish artist Michael Manning. 


GALLERY: 42 / DATE: 1 Jan, 09 / IMAGES: 26

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda is the Latex Disciplinarian, as slave slut diane receives a well-deserved caning for getting a run in her stocking.  Diane receives some pretty pink welts to match her sissy lipstick.

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