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Updates to CastleDiabolica.com are performed on the 1st and 15th each month. All equipment shown is the property of Mistress Amanda Wildefyre, unless otherwise noted. If you like what you see, visit my wishlist.

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GALLERY: 199 / DATE: 15 Oct, 10 / IMAGES: 118

Here's What's FUN:  The adventure continues as Alice must sub in place of Mistress Amanda's missing male slave.  First she is hoisted into the air on a bondage board designed to give the Mistress access to both her mouth and her pussy.  Alice is trained to use her mouth to moisten the dildo which Mistress uses on her, helpless to bring her legs together thanks to a long spreaderbar between her ankles.  Then Mistress gets the fiendish idea to attach a butt plug to the spreaderbar, effectively impaling Alice and driving it deeper inside her each time she struggles.
Mark of SeriousBondage.com took these images, and Mark, if you're reading this, you know I had to sort through 500 images to make this gallery, including no less than 100 photos of that buttplug going in and out of Alice's butthole.  I guess you really enjoyed this scene, didn't you!?


GALLERY: 198 / DATE: 15 Oct, 10 / IMAGES: 138

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda's slave doesn't show up for his training session in San Francisco, so Alice must substitute for him!  The Mistress samples some of Mr. S's finest leather restraints on her female captive, who is dressed for the very first time in full latex!  Alice proves herself to be a very sexy submissive in the dramatic and very imposing steel cage from Rigidcuffs.


GALLERY: 197 / DATE: 15 Oct, 10 / VIDEOS: 4

Here's What's FUN:  Slutty female slave Alice is in a bind again when Mistress Amanda visits San Francisco and the Serious Bondage Institute!  Mistress Amanda's male slave chickens out and fails to show up for his session, so Alice must appease the Mistress by submitting in his stead.  Armbinders, spreaderbars, latex and the ever-present ball gag prevent Alice from attempting escape from the very imposing steel jail cell by RigidCuffs.  Mistress Amanda has her way with the bound and squirmy Alice in more ways than one!


GALLERY: 195 / DATE: 1 Oct, 10 / IMAGES: 22

Here's What's FUN:  Jasmine thinks Mistress Amanda's all done with her training once Mistress Elena North leaves with her camera, but there are other plans afoot!  Mistress places Jasmine in a very confining posture helmet from Rubber's Finest, attaching it to HW Designs' Discipline Corset with pussy crotch.  As Jasmine discovered in the cage previously, the pussy panty has a convenient hole for insertables -- and it sure comes in handy when Mistress lowers slave slut Jasmine onto the Sybian!


GALLERY: 194 / DATE: 1 Oct, 10 / IMAGES: 92

Here's What's FUN:  TV rubberdolly Jasmine is in big trouble! Her clit is dripping and she's been acting like a boy! Mistress teaches her a lesson in femininity by inserting two different Princess wands in her clit, weighting one of them down with an adorable (but heavy!) heart-shaped padlock. Jasmine is bound in an uncompromising position in the metal cage and shown that her clit is not the only thing that Mistress Amanda will penetrate!


GALLERY: 193 / DATE: 1 Oct, 10 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's What's FUN:  TV Jasmine is dressed as a servant rubberdolly and must ring a bell attached to her clit to indicate she is available for service.  Wearing ballet shoes, pussy panties and an armbinder, she spreads her legs and is used as a sex slave by the nefarious Mistress Amanda, who teases the helpless slave with a vibrator to prod her into feminized latex servitude. 


GALLERY: 192 / DATE: 1 Oct, 10 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda and hudson return from their trip to Max Cita's studio in Ottawa, but the fun does not stop there.  hudson is screwed then padlocked into the Iron Man bodycage and is locked into a Rigidcuffs chastity and nippleclamps padlocked to the cage.  The predicament turns serious when Mistress Amanda unlocks the "back door" of the Iron Man and demonstrates that hudson is helpless to prevent her from giving him a hard strapping and stuffing his rear end with a "butt bolo" from Mr. S.  More metal fun from Castle Diabolica!


GALLERY: 191 / DATE: 15 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 95

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda and her evil assistant Nurse Mya bind dolly in a heavy-duty transparent inflatable latex doll catsuit from Studio Gum.  This is a very rare model with six inflatable bladders all over the body, topped off with inflatable tits!  Dolly is in heavy bondage in the transparent vacbed, while the Mistress instructs Mya to turn the vibrator teasing dolly's pussy on and off.  No escape!


GALLERY: 190 / DATE: 15 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 80

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda and her vixen Symetrie dress dolly up in black and red rubber, including huge, inflatable tits!  Dolly is trained to stand in high heels while receiving shock treatment, and Symetrie teases dolly's pussy in a very naughty fashion!


GALLERY: 189 / DATE: 1 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 126

Here's What's FUN:  Rubberdolly Carla is trained to suck cock, wear a latex armbinder and have her new rubber pussy teased with a vibrator.


GALLERY: 188 / DATE: 1 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 59

Here's What's FUN:  A man wakes from a drugged sleep to discover that he's been incarcerated in Mistress Amanda's Rubber Doll Factory.  First, a heavy rubber sleepsack from Studio Gum, paired with a head-to-toe inflatable catsuit from Demask, shows him that Mistress Amanda means business.  Next, he is placed in a pussy-face hood and taught to pleasure the Mistress's black rubber cock.


GALLERY: 187 / DATE: 1 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 109

Here's What's FUN:  Rubberdolly Carla is placed in a rubber isolation hood and red latex straitjacket dress.  Mistress tortures her clit with an electric board and prepares her for total feminine conversion with a vibrating urethral sound.


GALLERY: 186 / DATE: 1 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 202

Here's What's FUN:  A naughty leatherslave is spanked, hooded and trained to wear a locking steel chastity cage.  Mistress Amanda decides to keep him underfoot for a long session of boot worship, immobilizing bondage and tease-and-denial.


GALLERY: 185 / DATE: 1 Sep, 10 / IMAGES: 106

Here's What's FUN:  A hapless slave is introduced to the many torments Mistress Amanda has collected to sensitize the anus and prepare it for penetration using a concrete vibrator!  Not for the faint-of-heart.


GALLERY: 184 / DATE: 15 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 118

Here's What's FUN:  But wait, there's more! In this second installment of Inflatable Sleepsack, leatherslave is tightly laced and strapped into the bodybag, then surprise! Mistress Amanda utilizes the hidden bladders in the sack and inflates the whole device so it's nice and snug, sending hundreds of prickers into his skin.  Talk about a thorny predicament!  With a hood, corset and ballet boots locked on, he's tucked in for the night!


GALLERY: 183 / DATE: 15 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 184

Here's What's FUN:  A new twist on the leather sleepsack!  Leatherslave is placed in the custom-made sleepsack, but not before Mistress Amanda inserts a large number of sharp pricker pads inside!  She and her lovely assistant then lace the slave into thigh-high ballet boots (also lined with pricker pads).  An excellent example of Mistress Amanda's fetish for layered bondage.


GALLERY: 182 / DATE: 15 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 98

Here's What's FUN:  The theme of the day is burgundy leather at Mr. S during a recent trip to San Francisco.  One of the great things about this shop is that they let you try out all of the cool gear before you purchase!  Mistress tests the small straitjacket on her assistant -- her very first time in heavy bondage!  No escape, of course, especially when Mistress adds some Mr. S bondage booties and a spreader bar.


GALLERY: 180 / DATE: 15 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 50

Here's What's FUN:  At Serious Bondage Institute, Mistress Amanda employs some electro-stim to her bondage slave to wake him up -- not coffee!  Wrapped in two layers of heavy leather and finished off with leather straps, he's not going anywhere until he's had a proper wake-up call!


GALLERY: 179 / DATE: 1 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 72

Here's What's FUN:  Pamela loves all sorts of bondage, so she jumps at the chance to take a kinky ride in the leather fucksuit!  She proves to be very nimble despite the limits the sack places on her, throwing and catching objects despite the fact her arms and legs are tightly bound.  Mistress Amanda gives her a fun little reward at the end of a huge vibrator!


GALLERY: 178 / DATE: 1 Aug, 10 / IMAGES: 151

Here's What's FUN: Our photoshoot for Tim's amazing new Suncage takes a turn for the diabolical once I get the bright idea to put one of our models on top.  Seems the hole on the roof of the cage is perfectly situated for some serious dildo action!  I outfit one of my male slaves in a white gasmask catsuite with a dildo on top of his head, and train him to bounce up and down in the cage to service her.  Later on, I add to the predicament with a vibrator between her widely-spread legs -- big FUN!

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