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GALLERY: 221 / DATE: 15 Feb, 11 / VIDEOS: 4

Here's What's FUN: Some great, heavy-leather-creaking bondage action with Mistress Amanda's bondage board.  Video quality is grittier than usual, but it only adds to the atmosphere.  Lots of verbal teasing, chastity and inflatable gagging throughout.  Slave wears the incredible Mr. S Leather bondage suit and Muzzle -- and, for extra control -- Mistress locks him into the steel and leather Samurai Chastity Cage from Mr. S/Permanent Bondage.


GALLERY: 220 / DATE: 1 Feb, 11 / VIDEOS: 5

Here's What's FUN:  The long-awaited video counterpart to one of our top photo galleries has finally been edited.  Steampunk Tray Guy tags along to a photo shoot with my eminent photographer, Elena North, and gets bound up in the action.  In this very thorough five-part video series, our intrepid captive tries to escape Mistress Amanda's double-layer leather straitjacket and transport cloak, but finds he cannot.  He is then trained to worship Mistress's skin-tight leather attire and boots, even while wearing the infamous leather balloon hood, with only two tiny holes to breathe out of!  Later, Mistress Amanda straps him to the antique examination table and hooks up a fiendish device to tease him from the inside of his Mr. S locking leather chastity jock.  And, of course, an exhaustive testing of the extraordinary leather steampunk hood!  Excruciatingly Diabolical!


GALLERY: 219 / DATE: 15 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 197

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda is enjoying playing with her rubbertoy, who is captive in the inflatable bodybag from DeMask.  When she goes on break, however, that sneaky rubbergirl Jean steals up to the dungeon to have a little playtime with him herself!  Mistress Amanda returns to find the two having way too much fun -- Jean was about to let the rubbertoy out of his bondage! -- so Mistress teaches Jean a lesson in control.  Jean is put in a rubber armbinder, also from DeMask, bound with her thighs held wide by a spreaderbar, then Mistress Amanda trains the conniving pair to orgasm simultaneously.  FUN!


GALLERY: 218 / DATE: 15 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 26

Here's What's FUN:  Here's one from the Way-Out-There Gear Files.  These aluminum braces are outfiltted with locking straps to prevent the wearer from removing them.  The metal post is imbedded in the sole of the leather shoe, then immobilizes the knee when in the locked position.  A great way to lock someone in the sitting position, or slow down his progress in the straight position while standing and walking.  Bondage Roadie wore these for several hours while helping to prepare for our NYE party during the Captive Wanted trip to Medical Toys, and reported that he could get around without too much trouble, but could not lean over to pick anything up!  Chalk one up for Inmate Control at Clinic Diabolica.


GALLERY: 217 / DATE: 15 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 81

Here's What's FUN:  Part of the Captive Wanted Series shot at Medical Toys' lair in N. California!  Martin of RigidCuffs fame surprises us by showing up for the NYE party with not just one but two HEAVY METAL CAGES!  Fortunately, I have lots of people there who want to get tied up: Paulette is completely immobilized with ballet boots for armbinders, red leather restraints from Sinvention and some heavy-duty ballet boot trainers from Marquis.  Once that heavy cage-top goes on, there's no getting out for him, even if he managed to dislodge himself from all those locking straps!  Alice does a lovely burlesque dance on top of him until I catch her in the act, and put her in a nice, tight PVC armbinder...oops, not so tight, as she manages to escape pretty easily.  There's no escape from Martin's second, equally heavy-duty prisoner transport cage, which is placed right above Paulette's face so he can see everything going on above, but not touch.  Alice is handcuffed to the cage with just enough room to reach herself -- which she does, the naughty vixen!


GALLERY: 216 / DATE: 1 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 100

Here's What's FUN:  Lovely bondage vixen Alice plays the naughty kitty when Mistress Amanda places her in the big metal cage made by Martin of Rigidcuffs.  Just a little pinup-girl action for fans of Alice and Bettie Page; metal bondage cuffs by Dungeon Delights.


GALLERY: 215 / DATE: 1 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 139

Here's What's FUN:  TV Jasmine endures one of Mistress Amanda's most demanding suspension positions, the Japanese rope bondage "Shrimp Position."  Her ass and pussy exposed, slave Jasmine then submits to a harsh caning and dildo training, as her crotchless latex panties do not afford much protection from Mistress's relentless onslaught.


GALLERY: 214 / DATE: 1 Jan, 11 / IMAGES: 69

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress trains Rubber TV Jasmine in the art of pony play, high-stepping in real pony boots on the treadmill.  Mistress adds an electric buttplug and turns the machine to "gallop." 


GALLERY: 213 / DATE: 15 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 191

Here's What's FUN:  In honor of the impending New Year, here are the photos of the fullbody fiberglass mummification scene I did with Nurse Elena North at Medical Toys' 2009 New Year's Eve Ball.  Special spanks to Alice and Mark of SeriousBondage.com for the pics!  And to the very special young lady who helped Bondage Roadie celebrate with some breast worship and a kiss!


GALLERY: 212 / DATE: 15 Dec, 10 / VIDEOS: 4

Here's What's FUN:  Nurse Mya receives a special cure for her nyphomania.


GALLERY: 211 / DATE: 1 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 94

Here's What's FUN:  Fresh from his stint on the metalstand, Rubberboy wears the full-body inflatable DeMask rubber doll suit for Mistress Amanda. Once he is locked inside the Ironman bodycage from Permanent Bondage, the devious Mistress further inflates the bright, shiny suit so that the helpless slave can't move an inch!  Mistress towers over Rubberboy in her 7" patent leather stiletto boots!!


GALLERY: 210 / DATE: 1 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 19

Here's What's FUN:  This little set of outtake photos from Double Nurse Therapy should whet your appetite for the Part 2 Video set coming out in the next update.  (And it might make you wish you were wearing a face dildo!)


GALLERY: 209 / DATE: 1 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 106

Here's What's FUN:  Another bondage prototype test, this time in full-dress latex and mega-high heels.  Mistress Amanda and her Rubberboy are dressed in matching red and black latex from DeMask.  How far apart will she bind his legs??


GALLERY: 207 / DATE: 1 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 82

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda decides to test some of her Rigidcuffs gear on Jean Bardot -- a stocks, a heavy metal collar, the stainless stiletto sandals, and the metal bondage chair!  All at once!  Jean is her usual sassy self, so Amanda whips out the nefarious metal cheek hooks to control the cheeky little minx!  All's fair once Amanda has Jean tied up, so she trains the now quite subdued young lady to have several orgasms!


GALLERY: 206 / DATE: 1 Dec, 10 / IMAGES: 59

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Jean is alone with Rubberboy, who is bound in a nice, tight inflatable bodybag from DeMask.  Jean puts him in the notorious DeMask isolation waterhood for good measure, then takes advantage of his helplessness by teasing him with the Venus!  The video of this scene is posted in a gallery below.

Some of these photos are merely snapshot quality, but there are enough fans out there of the fabulous Ms. Bardot that will find her beguiling images always a delight to behold, so I decided to post them anyway.  Enjoy!


GALLERY: 208 / DATE: 15 Nov, 10 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's What's FUN:  Nurse Amanda recruits Nurse Mya to test some brand new therapies on Rubberboy!  Let's see if Nurse Mya has the healing touch...


GALLERY: 205 / DATE: 15 Nov, 10 / IMAGES: 97

Here's What's FUN:  Jean Bardot and Mistress Amanda Wildefyre work over Rubberdolly in some very creative ways.  Jean wakes Dolly in the cage in time for some rubber fun and games.  Dolly submits to bondage on the rotating rack for a double whammy dildo treatment front and rear.  Then Jean and Dolly pose for some Euro-fetish moments with a penis gag and a seductive tease from Mistress Jean.  Finally Mistress Amanda binds the two love-birds in a tandem suspension complete with vibrator race to the "finish."  Find out who wins....


GALLERY: 203 / DATE: 1 Nov, 10 / IMAGES: 65

Here's What's FUN:  Mistress Amanda double-corsets TV willow in a leather posture collar-corset from Mr. S, and a vintage long-line leather legcorset with heavy steel boning by Michael Garrod of True Grace Corsetry.  Every inch of this corset says "control."  Willow is trained to entertain Mistress Amanda by cumming bound and standing in 6" thigh-high stiletto boots!


GALLERY: 202 / DATE: 1 Nov, 10 / IMAGES: 61

Here's What's FUN:  Remember that kinky movie, The Secretary?  Mistress Amanda wants to reenact a key scene, and TV willow is more than willing to take "dick"-tation!  Willow wears a long-line corset from Dark Garden, stocks from Rigidcuffs, and a very heavy vintage girdle Mistress picked up on one of her trips to Amsterdam.  Time to lick some stamps, little secretary!


GALLERY: 201 / DATE: 1 Nov, 10 / IMAGES: 140

Here's What's FUN:  TV willow is in for a treat today. Mistress is pleased with the progress that willow has made in reducing her waist size, and rewards her by binding her in a geniune silk maid's ensemble from Dark Garden, including a particularly restrictive waist cincher and neck corset.  First, Mistress dresses her in a lovely vintage long-line bra and girdle set, and finishes the outift off with locking booties and a vibrator tucked into slave willow's gaff.  A tantalyzing good time!

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